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About ECS
Water Management Solutions


What we do

Environmentally Clean Systems LLC, (ECS), serves the oil and gas industries, providing water reclamation for produced water, flow back water and black water. ECS tailors technologies to meet individual needs and situations, to reduce or eliminate the use of reagents and equipment associated with chemical systems of wastewater treatment. The result is lower costs and flexibility in wastewater utilization or disposal.

Who we are

A diverse oilfield water solutions provider serving customers nationwide, Environmentally Clean Systems (ECS) is a business unit of Tessenderlo Group, Brussels, Belgium (TG - ).

Backed by an Industry Leader

Tessenderlo Group is an international specialty group with a worldwide presence. Their Mission is to provide sustainable and responsible solutions for global challenges in food, agriculture, water management and efficient use and re-use of natural resources. With more than 7,000 employees working at over 100 locations across 21 countries, TG is a $2 billion corporation committed to developing effective and sustainable oilfield water solutions through ECS.

Experience + Knowledge

Our employees are the key. With broad core knowledge, a staff of highly experienced multi-disciplined engineers, seasoned chemists and our own laboratories, ECS is thoroughly prepared to evaluate your options and deliver effective solutions.



Water treatment for upstream oil and gas exploration is the primary focus of ECS. Understanding that water availability and costs associated with water management are a critical part in each well completion stage, ECS works with exploration and production (E&P) companies to manage, treat, recycle and reuse both produced and flowback water. In addition to the oil and gas exploration market, ECS also provides services at refinery and industrial mining water treatment locations. 

Environment + Economics

Your ECS team is firmly committed to the belief that “every molecule counts.” Therefore, whether it’s recycling and reuse, or minimizing your need for trucking and storage, ECS can both reduce your costs and minimize the environmental impact of your project. 


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