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Specialty Process Separations

ECS designs and constructs water processing plants including grassroots plants, plant modification or expansions. Plant design services range from new construction to improving the efficiency of existing water treatment facilities. A staff of qualified engineers and fabrication personnel work closely with plant locations to keep operators abreast of cutting-edge technology.

A Strategic Approach to Combined Treatment Technologies

Different technologies are often needed to solve water management challenges. By refusing to rely on a single technology, we are able to apply the right set of technologies based on client water quality requirements and conditions to achieve the best results. We achieve those results by utilizing the combination of our innovative pilot trailers for onsite water treating and our well-equipped lab for water characterization and testing. What we learn allows us to create versatile and robust systems that are able to handle even the most difficult water. It also allows us to independently consider the varying water treatment needs of multiple unconventional resource plays.

Applied Technologies

Developmental Technologies

  1. Physical-Chemical Treatment
  2. Electro Coagulation
  3. Electro Oxidation
  4. Chemical Coagulation
  5. Clarification
  6. Filtration
  7. Oil – Water Separation
  8. Oxygenation & De-oxygenation
  9. Disinfection / SRB Control
  10. Ion Exchange
  11. Dissolved Air Flotation
  12. Reverse Osmosis
  13. Salt Recovery from Brines & Solvents
  1. High Salt – Water Separation
  2. Oil – Water De-emulsification
  3. Oil – Brine De-emulsification
  4. Heavy Metals Removal & Fixation
  5. High Brine Alkalinity Reduction
  6. High Brine Hardness Reduction
  7. Solvent Separation


​​​​​Transportable Modular Water Treatment Pilot Plant (2 qtr. 2012).

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