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Total Water Management

Smarter Ways to Solve Produced Water and Flowback Issues​​

ECS works with you as the operator to evaluate fixed facility or modular/mobile water treatment options. We study all aspects associated with your water management requirements, including treatment technologies, logistics and economics to propose solutions that make sense for both the customer and the service provider. These same solutions please regulators while benefitting the public, the environment and the industry.  


Water treatment is a primary focus of ECS services as treating water plays a major role in any low impact design. Since no two waters are the same, ECS refuses to rely on a single technology. We apply the right set of technologies based on client water quality requirements and conditions to achieve the best results. 

We achieve those results by utilizing the combination of our innovative pilot trailers for onsite water treating and our well-equipped lab for water characterization and testing. What we learn allows us to create versatile and robust systems that are able to handle even the most difficult water. It also allows us to independently consider the varying water treatment needs of multiple unconventional resource plays.

Recycling & Reuse

As the demand for water grows, more water is extracted, treated, and transported sometimes over great distances, which can require a lot of energy. Recycling water on site or nearby reduces the energy needed to move water longer distances or pump water from deep within an aquifer. Using recycled water that is of lower quality for uses that don’t require high quality water saves energy and money by reducing treatment requirements. ECS can treat water to potable standards making it reusable.


Some times there just isn't another solution for oilfield water. Because ECS believes that every molecule counts, we work hard to utilize the most environmentally responsible disposal options. Therefore we commit to treating the water to higher than industry average standards before reintroducing the salty cleaned water into the disposal formation.  


ECS offer water storage options to ensure E & P companies can equalize water volumes for use as needed.


Whether it is piping or trucking, water will always need to be moved. ECS is capable of providing that service by combining treatment with logistics. Save on your projects by bundling these services. ECS owns and operates a fleet of trucks to transport the produced and flowback water from the production site to a fraccing, treatment or disposal facility.


Our team of water professionals will support operators in identifying, acquiring and permitting water sources.


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